About This Blog

Welcome to my blog on technology education in Irish secondary schools. This blog will cover various aspects of interest to teachers and students of Technology in Irish classrooms. The secondary school subjects covered by this blog will be
• Junior Cert Materials Technology Wood (Woodwork to most people)
• Junior Cert Technical Graphics
• Junior Cert Metalwork
• Junior Cert Technology
• Leaving Cert Construction Studies
• Leaving Cert Design Communication Graphics
• Leaving Cert Engineering

About me
My name is Donncha Hickie. I am a Technology teacher in Castleisland Community College Co. Kerry and have been teaching for 7 years. I teach M.T.W., Technical Graphics, Contruction Studies and D.C.G. to all year groups. I also teach I.T. and have taught adult computer classes. I have a great interest in ICT for education and i am always looking for new ways to introduce new technologies to the classroom. I am also looking for new ways & ideas of teaching technology subjects.

What is this blog about?
With this blog i hope to cover a wide range of topics all relating to technology education. Some of topics I would hope to cover initially include
• Teaching design to students
• Use of graphical organisers
• Project ideas for course work
• Use of ICT in the classroom
• Tools and Machinery
• Workshop Safety
• Tips on exam topics
I would hope that this blog would be of use to teachers and students


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